Supiri Dhana Sampatha Lottery Results

    Prize Structure


    Prize (Rs.)

    All 6 Numbers + Letter Rs.20,000,000.00
    All 6 numbers Rs.2,500,000.00
    Last 5 Numbers Rs.200,000.00
    Last 4 Numbers Rs.20,000.00
    Last 3 Numbers Rs.2,000.00
    Last 2 Numbers Rs.200.00
    Last Number Rs.40.00
    First 5 Numbers Rs.100,000.00
    First 4 Numbers Rs.2,000.00
    First 3 Numbers Rs.400.00
    First 2 Numbers Rs.120.00
    First Number Rs.40.00
    English Letter Rs.40.00
    All 6 Numbers in any order Rs.1,000.00

    Draw Date

    Purple color-Monday,Red color-Tuesday,Green color-Wednesday,Yellow color-Thursday,Pink color-Friday,Blue color-Saturday,Brown color-Sunday

    Telecasting Time

    The DLB Lottery Show will be telecast everyday at 9.00 pm on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Channel in Sinhala and at 9.30 on Channel Eye in Tamil. .